Online learning

Online classes for ADHD/ ADD students at the time of Covid-19   We are realizing that this way of learning is going to be here until the end of the semester. Different schools and different teachers have their own system. Here are some challenges: 1. Waking up on time for online classes: the lack of schedule exacerbates the night game playing, chats with friends and getting lost on  the phone and computers. 2. Anxieties about people getting sick and scary numbers of people affected around the world.    All this is driving the motivation and attention toa low level.    Here are some ways to focus on classes for the two months left of the semester:

1. It is important to keep a regular schedule: get up, use two alarms to get out of bed, wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your hair and change out of pajamas in order to get to the screen in decent shape.

2. Turn off your email, phone, and all other notifications: remember your brain can only pay attention to one thing at a time. 

3. While in class try to take notes, participate, anything that can move you from a sleepy state. Hopefully, the teacher can use humor and other techniques to keep the class focused and learning up.

4. Use a planner: Every Sunday try to plan your weekly schedule. Include classes, homework, downtime, etc. This is one the best medicines to prevent failure.

5. Find an “office-space” where you can be alone and can minimize distractions. I recommend finding a place other than your bedroom to take your classes and complete your assignments. 

6. Allow time for self-care: plan times in your day to speak to a friend or engage in some type of physical activity.